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What makes fungi infections so annoying?

One thing that annoys you about fungi infections and many other types of infections is that they keep you from living a healthy life. As complications arise, you become weaker and unproductive. You don’t get to enjoy the activities you used to do while you are being deprived of the nutrients your body needs in order to live health and to survive. So where did all the nutrients go? Infections get to use them for their survival. As they continue to grow and multiply, the more they suck out everything from you. Fungal infections can occur almost anywhere in the body, such as in the genital part, the respiratory system, the digestive tract, on the mouth, face and skin, and many others. You will know that you have a fungal infection because of obvious symptoms, for example if they occur in the skin they can be very itchy, cause swelling or inflammations, or can even be smelly. Doctors will usually take a sample from you to check whether it is a fungal infection or not.

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