Buy Finasteride Generic Online

Finasteride generic comes in 2 doses – finasteride generic 5mg and finasteride generic 1mg.  The finasteride generic 5mg dose is intended to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate enlargement, whereas the finasteride generic 1mg dose is meant to treat hair loss or male pattern baldness.  When buying your finasteride generic, it is crucial that you know the dose that you need so that you can have optimal effect over its intended treatment.

Finasteride generic was originally intended as a treatment for prostate enlargement.  However, it was later discovered that finasteride actually can be used for treatment other than just prostate enlargement.  During the testing phase of finasteride, the makers of the drug got reports of side effects.  The side effects were apparently somewhat beneficial as the reports given were that of hair loss issue being remedied by the drug on those participating in the testing.  The drug maker of finasteride took notice of this side effect and conducted their own testing.  They found out that it takes 1mg of finasteride to treat hair loss from male pattern baldness, and 5mg to treat prostate enlargement.  This is the difference in treatment between the two finasteride dosages.

The largest consumption of finasteride generic is by far the 1mg dosage for use in hair loss.  Without a doubt there are millions and millions of men who suffer from this genetic condition.  Since finasteride generic is the only real treatment for hair loss, they are taking advantage of the drug so that they are able to repel their hair loss issue and retain their hair and overall looks.  If you are suffering from hair loss due to genetic male pattern baldness, then you should consider using finasteride generic for treatment.  There is no better treatment for hair loss out there than finasteride generic.

If you need to use finasteride generic, the most convenient way of buying this drug is online.  There are actually plenty of online shops that sell finasteride generic.  As long as you know the dosage that you need – finasteride 5mg for enlarged prostate / finasteride 1mg for hair loss – then you will not find any problem getting the treatment that you need.  Since finasteride generic is a generic medication, the drug is actually hard to find on physical shops like drugstores and pharmacies.  Your best bet in finding finasteride generic is buying it online.  You will be surprised just to how many online shops there are that sells this drug.

When treating either hair loss or enlarged prostate, it is best to get your drug in generic and online.  This is because these conditions require regular use of finasteride generic.  If you are using the branded version, it can be very costly on your part.  However, if you consider using generic, you will be able to make the most out of your money as each drug costs significantly less than that of its branded counterpart.  This is why a lot of people who needs to use this drug are switching to using generic as they are able to save money significantly.