Take Generic Finasteride 1mg for Male Alopecia

Generic finasteride 1mg is a medicinal product considered as something useful for men who are diagnosed with male pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia.  Generic finasteride 1mg is produced by the company Merck and it possesses the patent for this drug since the year 1997.  There are many forms of treatment when it comes to male pattern baldness, but generic finasteride 1mg is the only treatment of its kind that comes in the form of an oral pill or tablet.  Take note that generic finasteride 1mg has a brand name of Propecia, whereas the finasteride 5mg type carries a brand name of Proscar, which is mainly used for treating males with an abnormally enlarged prostate.

Since generic finasteride 1mg is a drug that was specifically intended for men’s use on their male pattern baldness issues; therefore, this cannot be given to women and children.  Generic finasteride 1mg is deemed as a prescription drug in dermatology in many countries; thus, this cannot be acquired without visiting your doctor and getting a prescription from him.

Should you be interested to buy some generic finasteride 1mg online, you need to research first which online pharmacy would be best to buy from.  Most people choose to buy generic finasteride 1mg from online pharmacies that have locations near their countries, which will mean that they will only have to wait a shorter period of time before their orders arrive to their doorstep.  Also, you ought to take note where you buy generic finasteride 1mg from, but as long as finasteride 1mg is given without a prescription in that particular country (where the online pharmacy you are going to buy from is located), then you will not have much problems getting such a product into your country, even if generic finasteride 1mg is mandated that you ought to have a doctor’s prescription for it.

To make sure that you are indeed a good candidate for taking generic finasteride 1mg, it is best that you go visit your doctor for a checkup and his professional advice regarding this matter.  Remember that medicines work best if you really are having that kind of condition that they can treat.  In the case of male pattern baldness, generic finasteride 1mg is considered an effective oral treatment for it.  Simply having hair thinning or hair loss does not necessarily mean that you already have male pattern baldness, unless you know that the gene responsible for it runs in your family.

In some cases, men who experience hair thinning or hair loss simply have to change some parts of their lifestyles (get enough sleep, reduce stress, eat healthy, exercise and enjoy their lives) in order to solve their problems and not require taking generic finasteride 1mg.  If your specific situation gets worse and you are sure you have the baldness gene because it runs in your family, then that is the time you seriously consider buying generic finasteride 1mg, but do not forget to address your concerns to your family doctor first, ask for his opinion and see if he deems it necessary for you to undergo treatment with generic finasteride 1mg for your male pattern baldness problems.